SOR 67: Arts Journalists Tell You How To Send Them Press Releases

Arts journalists receive a mountain of press releases, and a few of them were kind enough to share how they would like to receive them from you.

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A few weeks back I wrote a post on the blog about exactly when I send press releases to media outlets, and what I say when I’m reaching out to them.

Almost immediately after I hit publish on that post, I started wondering how actual arts journalists would grade this approach. I know a few here in Indianapolis, so I sent out a few emails asking these people who are on the receiving end of all these press releases if they would be game to leave a comment with their take. And several of them did.

I got some things right, and there were a few surprises – in fact I learned one particular way I’ve been shooting myself in the foot that makes the arts journalists’ lives more difficult – the good news is fixing this problem requires but the tiniest little change on my end. More on that in a second.

I feel like the information that was so freely and generously shared in the comments is so valuable and so universally applicable to the Sold Out Run audience whether you’re a traditional theatre, a touring cabaret performer, a stage magician, or something else entirely, that I kind of wanted to shine a spotlight on it.

So in this episode I talk about some of the biggest aha moments I got reading those comments.

In this episode:

  • 8 notes I got from real world professionals who we are sending our press releases to everyday

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