Get Answers To Your Theatre Marketing Questions

Confession time: I love interacting with you guys. The best content on Sold Out Run comes because of your questions. And usually when I discover a new tool or strategy that I can use in promoting shows, it’s because someone asked me a question and I had to go figure out the answer. Here are a few different methods to get my take on an issue:

1. Have a question about something you read/heard on the blog/podcast?

My favorite way for you to ask these type of questions is to leave a comment in the textbox at the bottom of the blog post or the show notes for the podcast episode. It’s possible other people have the same question you do, but they’re hesitant to ask. If you ask your question in the comments, then everyone gets to see my answer!

Please note: If you aren’t sure if I’ve covered the topic you have a question about before, don’t feel like you need to dig through the entire site to find the appropriate page to comment on. Keep reading for more ways to ask questions.

2. Interested in getting a very thorough answer?

One of the places I can easily go into a lot of detail – and offer a truly nuanced answer is in a podcast episode. Between episodes where I bring on a guest, I like to play and respond to questions from listeners. I use SpeakPipe to take your questions, so you can use your computer’s built-in microphone (or the microphone on your iPhone or any other mobile device that supports SpeakPipe) and ask me exactly what you want to know. Just click this red button:

Record Question

Tips: You’ll have a chance to listen to your message before it gets saved. Be sure to include your name and home theatre, if appropriate. Don’t be overly concered about sound quality, I’m more interested in good questions than sounding like you’re calling from a studio.

3. Just need something short and sweet?

Sometimes you just need a simple yes or no. If you have a question that you can ask (and I can answer) in less than 140 characters, hit me up on my Twitter machine @claymabbitt.

4. None of the above

In that case use this form to shoot me a message: