SOR 60: Curtis Shepard On His Experience Finding an Audience As a Stranger In Town

Curtis Shepard

the challenges in grassroots marketing when you come in from out of town

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A mutual friend introduced me to Curtis Shepard, and I’m very glad she did. Fringe festivals area a hectic time, and without that introduction I might not have made it out to see Curtis’s show Unmasked. (That’s marketing lesson #1.)

Curtis is a thoughful, articulate guy who doesn’t have a big marketing machine behind him. That makes him a fantastic candidate to bring on the podcast and talk about how he approaches promoting a show in a town where no one knows his name.

In this episode:

  • promoting a debut – it’s a good idea to debut a new show somewhere you do have a following so you can establish some early success to build on
  • pick up the phone – if you have a list of specific people and groups you think would love this show, why wouldn’t you reach out to them directly?
  • your focus when you talk to people – there’s a subtle difference between asking people to spend money on your show and asking them to come see your show; people notice what your focus is
  • get by with a little help from your friends – you don’t need to be a marketing rockstar yourself if you have friends who are willing to champion your show

Items mentioned:

  • Curtis on Facebook – Curtis takes the unmasked idea very seriously and invites you to interact with him on a personal level – not just as a brand entity

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Thanks to Curtis for taking the time to share his experiences with promoting an out-of-town show, and thanks to you guys for downloading and listening.

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  1. Great person to Spotlight… when you don’t have the machine.. you have to be like MacGyver and invent a solution. A Grass root Marketing machine at its finest.

    Gifted on Mon, Sep 22nd, 2014 at 11:42pm

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