SOR 56: Dave Levett Talks About How Even the Smallest Theatre Can Get Meaningful Data About Its Audience

Dave Levett (@lollipopmktg)

Who is he?
a professional theatre marketer on two continents who understands how data gives you incredibly valuable information about your audience

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I was spending some time poking around Twitter on the subject of theatre marketing, and I came across Lollipop Marketing. They are an agency out of London with roots in Sydney, and I convinced founder Dave Levett to talk with me about what he’s figured out so far about marketing theatre. We ended up diving into some great tactics and tools that theatres can use to start collecting demographic and psychographic information about their audience – and put it to use.

In this episode:

  • theatre marketing at different sizes of theatres – the volume of theatre in London lets Dave see examples of what organizations of all sizes are doing to promote
  • a common mistake that a lot of theatres make – not gathering and acting on data means that a lot of promotional material doesn’t hit the mark
  • marketing vs. PR – too often lumped together, these two activities are not interchangeable
  • the science of marketing – gathering data allows you to use insights about your audience to guide your marketing communications
  • demographics and psychographics – the information you’re gathering about your audience includes both who they are and how they behave

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