Does Using the Theatre’s Website For Promotion Threaten My Show?

Does using the theatre's website for promotion threaten my show?There’s a little bit of work involved in setting up a website for your show. It can seem like even more work if the theatre where you’ll be performing has their own website. They probably told you early on that they will do some pages just for your show so you don’t need to worry about it.

While that will undoubtedly be helpful, you can probably do better. The question then becomes do you volunteer to take it on your shoulders to do more of the promotional items that I talk about, but just put them all on the theatre’s website. We all know the organization of theatre’s can be very political so they may not be willing to grant you permission to throw all kinds of crazy things up on the site (especially if none of their other shows are getting that kind of attention).

Let’s say you have that option, though, to make the theatre’s website your home base for all your online promotion. Should you take it? I would say it depends.

What are your goals for this show?

If it’s an original show, than I’d say you absolutely need your own separate site. When the show goes well and you’re ready to take it to other venues, you don’t want all your info hosted on the website of one particular theatre.

But what if the show your promoting is South Pacific or Our Town? If all you ever care about is this one performance, then you probably could just use your theatre’s site if they are willing to give you the freedom to put photos, videos, bios, contests, and press information up on the site.

You could even suggest they use that as their new approach to promoting all their other shows. 🙂

Not a bad thing

Even if you need to do a separate website, your show appearing on the theatre’s site can only help. There are season ticket holders and other groups that will not hear about your show (despite your best promoting efforts), and will learn about your production from the theatre website.

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