SOR 52: Dominic D’Andrea On the Insights Gained While Bringing a Festival To a Town (or Twenty) Where You Don’t Know Anyone

Dominic D'Andrea (@dominicdandrea)

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If you haven’t heard of the One-Minute Play Festival before, please allow this episode to serve as a humble introduction. My guest is producing artistic director and founder, Dominic D’Andrea, who talks about the value that the festival brings to each local host city as well as the larger community.

In this episode:

  • why a festival like this matters – entertaining your local community is always valuable, but the structure of this event provides a unique insight into the issues each community is wrestling with
  • promoting an event from a far – not surprisingly it’s useful to have the buy-in of a local agent who does have relationships with the local media and taste makers
  • staying in touch – since most participating cities host the festival year after year, how do they capture that audience information to contact them annually

Items mentioned:

  • One-Minute Play Festival – the main website for the festival, among other things you can also find out which cities near you are hosting the festival
  • National New Play Network – many of the theatres that host the festival are part of this network, but even if you aren’t near one of the festival cities, this is still a great place to look for theatres near you that regularly perform new works

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Thanks to Dominic for taking the time to talk through the insights they’ve gained over the last 8 years, and of course, thanks to all of you for downloading and listening.

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