SOR 010: How To Recognize When To Change Your Marketing Tactics

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We all fall into that rut. We find a few good marketing tactics like posters and emailing cast announcements then decide that we’re going to stick with them forever. They probably even work – but not was well as they once did. And not as well as another tactic might. So how do you know when you should pull the plug on an old favorite marketing tactic? In this episode I talk about the indications that let me know I needed to update a major marketing component of Sold Out Run.

I also want to mention that while it’s pretty modest as milestones go, I’m very pleased to be releasing episode number ten of the Sold Out Run Podcast. I’m received some very nice messages from listeners who are finding value in the podcast, and the number of downloads of the podcast has been increasing at a very healthy pace over the last few months. I will continue to strive to provide valuable ideas and resources through this channel to raise the level of show promotion going on in the world. (And it still awes me a little that people are listening to this podcast from all over the world.)

In this episode:

  • when your visual brand changes – when you update the look and feel of your visual brand (whether as a theatre, a production company, or a solo operation) you need to make sure all of your visual marketing pieces get updated
  • when your approach is dated – are people still getting their information about entertainment options from the same places they were a few years ago?
  • when you don’t set the right expectations – if your artistic vision changes, have you updated all of your marketing to make sure people understand the new direction
  • when the message isn’t compelling – the values and priorities of the individuals that make up your audience change over time – are you talking to the people they are today or the people they used to be?
  • when you’re bored – if you aren’t excited about a particular marketing piece, there’s no way it’s going to be as strong and effective as it could

Items mentioned:

Take Action: Identify one go-to marketing strategy that you think it might be time to say goodbye to. Let me know in the comments below what tactic you wish you could phase out of your marketing mix.

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