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Zach Rosing

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Zach Rosing brings his multimedia experience to the podcast. We talk about what it takes to make a good promotional video. Production value – the sound quality and lighting – do have a big impact on how your video will be received, but it is not the most important ingredient in an effective video to market your show.

This episode is a little longer than normal, but I don’t think anyone will mind because the information just keeps getting better and better as the episode rolls along. One of my main takeaways from the show is that you should dive in and start creating video. It’s okay that you aren’t shooting with a thousand dollar camera. Just start with a good idea, and then fill in the best technology you can get your hands on around that idea.

In this episode:

  • the elements of a good publicity video – Telling a story is more important than production value – and production value is very important.
  • can informal videos get by without a narrative – Spoiler: no.
  • you may be able to find a professional on a limited budget – Money is always compelling, but what else can you offer to make it worth a talented photographer/videographer’s time?
  • students are a good resource – We talk about how to try to find up-and-coming talents that can provide technical know-how
  • get involved with a fringe festival – These theatre festivals are virtual boot camps for developing your promotional chops

Items mentioned:

  • Footlite Musicals – This is the home theatre that Zach mentions.
  • Zach’s Videos – Here are some examples of Zach’s video work. The production value might be beyond your current resources, but look for the story that each video tells.
  • Zach’s Photos – If you are trying to gauge if it’s worth hiring a professional photographer for your publicity stills, here’s what a little bit of coin can get you.
  • Zach’s Microphone – I asked Zach after we got done recording what microphone he was using. This just might end up on my Christmas list.
  • Zach’s (probably out-of-date) website – The examples of work aren’t the most recent, but here’s where you can find Zach’s current contact information.
  • Win a copy of Reaching a New Audience – where to enter if you’d like to win one of three free copies of the marketing it I created to help you DIY the Sold Out Run approach to promoting your show

Discussion Question: What’s the best promotional video for theatre that you’ve seen? Share a link to the video.

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