SOR 012: You Don’t Know What Will Resonate

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Much like you can get a few laugh lines when you weren’t expecting during a performance, you may very well find that you’ll get reactions to different marketing tactics that are better or worse than you expect. That doesn’t mean you throw your hands up and swear off marketing. It just means you don’t want the entire marketing campaign for your show to hinge on a single promotion. Just like you wouldn’t want your entire production to live or die on the audience having a specific reaction to a single line.

If you can get past my slightly scratchy voice in this episode, I explain why there is no silver bullet to your marketing. Every touch you have with a potential audience member is going to have elements outside your control (what kind of mood their in, the conversation they just had with their boss, etc.) so you need to plan on coming at them with your promotions from multiple angles.

Congratulations to Michel, Violet, and Dave who each won a free copy of Reaching a New Audience.

In this episode:

  • which promotion convinced someone to buy – You can’t focus all your energy on that one tactic.
  • put yourself in your customers shoes – Although you can and should try this, your perceptions will always be colored by how close you are to the show.
  • people share things that make them look cool – The problem is they may have a very different opinion than you on what makes them look cool.
  • what do people do when they like your promotion – Do they tell a friend and buy a ticket or do they just smile and go about their day?

Items mentioned:

  • Marketing tactics to inspire, motivate and get results – a blog post from Silver Square that talks about the idea of the magic of your marketing being in the mix of tactics working together
  • Reaching a New Audience – the marketing kit I created to help you structure a new approach to your marketing that doesn’t rely on outdated tactics like handing a stack of posters to your cast.

Discussion Question: What’s a marketing tactic that you expected to flop, that actually created some momentum for your production? Your response.

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