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Casey Ross

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This week I welcome writer, actor, director,  and producer Casey Ross. We talk primarily in the episode about her role as a writer and how wearing that hat affects her thoughts on marketing. Casey is a Fringe veteran and we talk a little bit about her upcoming show and the approach she’s taking to promote it.

Thanks to everyone who has liked the Sold Out Run Facebook page. My personal Facebook friends are now outnumbered there by people who only know me through this blog and podcast. When viewed as a microcosm of how Sold Out Run is growing – especially over these last few months – that’s very exciting.

One of the thoughts that I really wanted to emphasize in this recording is that creating great art and creating marketable art are not mutually exclusive. Even when we realize this on a theoretical level, sometimes when we’re in the trenches of ramping up a production it’s easy to forget. My apologies to Casey for shoehorning that idea into this interview, but I think her current show and the comic book angle that she’s taking to promote it is a fantastic example of this idea in action.

In this episode:

  • is marketing part of the writing process – Does a writer (or at least this particular writer) think about how a show is going to be promoted while creating it?
  • creating “meta” marketing material from the show – you can use pieces material that are part of the show to promote the show and start educating your audience about the characters and their world
  • is the director, the producer, the writer, or someone else responsible for marketing – from someone who has worn each of those hats
  • the unique marketing tactics that Casey’s been using on this show – some easy ideas to implement on almost zero budget

Items mentioned:

  • The Solidarity – The (now defunct) Facebook page for Casey’s latest production that will be playing as part of the IndyFringe 2013.
  • Casey Ross Plays – Casey’s website where you can connect and follow up on her work

Discussion Question: This one is specifically for those of you who create original works. Do you think about how a show is going to be marketed while you are creating it? How much influence do thoughts of promotional tactics down the road find their way into the creative process. Your response.

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