SOR 017: How To Deal With Overwhelm In Theatre Marketing

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There comes a time in the life cycle of promoting a show when time is at a premium. It seems like there are more marketing tasks than you could ever hope to accomplish. So much is happening at a break-neck pace that it’s easy to understand why you feel completely overwhelmed. In this episode I talk about how to slow things down, and get a handle on your theatre marketing.

The results of the podcast format poll are in. I asked if you preferred the episodes where I bring in a guest and talk about their experience and perspective on theatre marketing or if you preferred the episodes where I go solo and talk about a topic in a little bit of depth.

The result: you prefer both. The third option in the poll was that you liked both formats and wanted me to keep doing both. So I’ll continue to do episodes like this one where I share my insight on a particular topic, and I’ll keep bringing on a variety of knowledgeable experts who can share their take on various aspects of theatre marketing.

In this episode:

  • go on an information diet – how trying to stay on top of the latest marketing trends is burying us
  • phase out old tactics – how to determine which marketing tactics you can and should retire
  • chunk it down – instead of looking at your marketing campaign in its entirety, look at what task is right in front of you that you need to take care of today
  • batch processing – do similar tasks all at once and schedule things to happen ahead of time
  • prioritize the must-haves – identify which tactics you want to do no matter what, and which ones might get bumped when new opportunities present themselves
  • social media – separate broadcast social media from engagement social media to make sure you are doing the right activity at the right time

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