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Promoting our performances is obviously critical to success in theatre, but it’s also important to know how to marketing your auditions. Auditions can be crucial to getting good talent, but there utility doesn’t stop there. In this episode of the podcast I talk about why and how to make a splash with your auditions.

The inspiration for this episode was an email from a reader who is having challenges getting a turnout for auditions. After recording this episode I also noticed on the theatre’s website that their audition notice includes a full rehearsal schedule.

There may be a good reason for this. Maybe people have specifically asked for it, but I wonder if some actors are unwilling to audition because they have a couple of conflicts. You can always look at someone’s calendar when they audition and decide if their level of talent is worth working around whatever conflicts they might have. You give up control over that decision if you post the rehearsal schedule before auditions have even happened.

In this episode:

  • reasons to market your audition – it’s more than just getting the best talent (although that is a consideration) – promoting your audition can help the actual quality of the production and the audience that you draw when
  • personal invitations – talking to someone directly lets them know that you are interested in what they specifically might bring to the show
  • drop names – let people know who else is already committed
  • when to schedule auditions – don’t set audition times that prevent your best local talent from showing up
  • discounted tickets for auditioning – this is a double-edged sword that could help or could hurt your turnout

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