SOR 025: Finding the Niche Audience For Your Show

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It’s easy to say that you should seek out those individuals who will feel like your show was written to speak to them personally. The people who resonate with this production in particular on a level deeper than just appreciating good theatre are your niche audience. They will love being in the audience and go on to become advocates for your production. But how do you start with just a script and a list of showtimes, and figure out who makes up your niche audience?


Briefly in this episode I mention that I’m making a few tweaks to how the email updates from Sold Out Run are handled. They will no longer be automatically generated by a computer, but I’ll be writing them myself.

In this episode:

  • characters – audiences like to be able to relate to the people they see on stage, and your niche audience might have a lot in common with your characters
  • events – the events that occur in the plot of your play are going to appeal to a certain set of people either because they have experienced those events or are otherwise tuned into them
  • people – who is on your cast, crew, and production team and what kind of name recognition do they have in the local community?
  • venue – a night at the theatre is about the entire experience, and that includes more than just what’s happening on stage, who does your venue appeal to?
  • script – what people or events showed up in the playwright’s life that served as a catalyst for this story?

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