SOR 029: What Presales Mean To Your Marketing

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Presales are great for cash flow, but they can also make your life a lot easier as a marketer. Strong presales can be both a powerful marketing tactic and a critical source of information about your audience.

In this episode:

  • social proof – how social proof is powerful before your show opens (and why we need it as a society)
  • what elements lead to strong presales – the people, venue, and story can all fuel your presales
  • seeding conversations – the people spreading word of mouth aren’t professional marketers and need all the help you can give them
  • the feedback of presales – get data about the demographics you’re hitting and which nights need some extra attention early enough to do something about it
  • is paid advertising worth it for community theatres – the key elements to a successful paid advertising campaign and how to measure its effectiveness

Items mentioned:

  • The Open Book Project – a new project where you look over my shoulder as I promote a theatre production in real time
  • SOR 011: Zach Rosing – a previous episode of the podcast where Zach talked about (among other things) using video to promote a show

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