SOR 031: How To Prioritize Your Marketing Activities

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Marketing would be easy if you had unlimited time and unlimited money. You could implement every marketing tactic for each of your productions and know that you had literally done everything you could to promote your show. Unfortunately no one in theatre marketing (or any other kind of marketing) has either unlimited time or unlimited money. You’re only able to focus on a small fraction of the available promotional strategies on each production – and how do you choose?

In this episode:

  • which tactics to prioritize – the short answer is the ones that work, but how do you select those?
  • educated guesses – there’s as much art as science to any kind of marketing, and this process is to give you the best odds of picking the right tactics
  • which tactics will resonate with your audience – when you know who your audience is, you can look at where they get their information and what marketing tactics work in that environment
  • which tactics can you deliver well – the right marketing tactic in front of the right people still doesn’t work if it’s poorly executed
  • when you don’t have a perfect match – what to do when you can’t deliver a tactic that your audience responds to, and what to do when one of your go to tactics doesn’t matter to your target audience
  • when you can safely ignore social media – social media is often a good idea for promoting your show, but it’s not guaranteed

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