SOR 032: Filling Up Your Audience’s Bucket

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Think of your audience’s desire to see your show as an empty bucket. Each time they see your poster, here an ad on the radio, or see a rehearsal photo on Facebook a few more drops go into that bucket. When the bucket is full, they will buy a ticket. But how much marketing do you need to do to fill up someone’s bucket. The answer is different for everyone, but with a little organization you can get a pretty good estimate.

In part of this episode I walk through a worksheet that helps you conceptualize the idea of everyone having a bucket and figuring out how much marketing it will take to fill that bucket up. I invite you to download the worksheet.

In this episode:

  • why someone comes to a show – the top 3 reasons that someone is likely to attend a live theatre production
  • the bucket metaphor – everyone has a bucket, and once you fill up their bucket (with promotional activity) they will buy a ticket
  • the cumulative value of marketing – each tactic puts a little more into the bucket, so while any one tactic might not sell tickets by itself, when you combine it with other tactics it gets the job done
  • any marketing tactic won’t affect all people the same way – we’re all different and respond to each marketing tactic differently

father_of_the_brideItems mentioned:

  • Why is nobody coming to your show? – the thread on theatre discussion board that prompted me to come up with the bucket metaphor
  • Bucket Worksheet – this worksheet described in the podcast will help you examine if you’ve done enough to persuade each persona you are trying to reach

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