SOR 033: How To Wrap Up Your Theatre Marketing Campaign

If your theatre campaign just stop dead in its tracks when the show closes (or worse when the show opens) then you're missing opportunities.

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Over the course of a theatre marketing campaign you develop a lot of material and hopefully a few insights about promoting a show. Don’t let all of that hard work just fade away. If you are intentional about how you wind down this project, you can capture the fruits of your labor so they will be easy to tap into when you’re marketing future productions.

In this episode:

  • archiving your digital assets – the right way to make sure you can easily access your marketing materials and insights when you need them later
  • thanking people publicly – the advantages to showing your appreciation publicly
  • debriefing with your marketing team – everyone had a different angle of this production than you, and it behooves you to ask what they took away from this process
  • estimate your audience break down – why a general idea of who’s in your seats will help future productions

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