SOR 034: How To Get the Theatre Marketing Help You Need When You Need It

There are times (for example when ramping up a production) that you need to go on a marketing information diet.

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Thanks in large part to the Internet there’s more information about theatre marketing out there then you could ever hope to incorporate into you own promotions. So how do you navigate that ocean of data for the bits that are going to help you out with your particular marketing challenges?

In this episode:

  • addressing your immediate concerns – you can’t take action on every marketing tip at once, so how do you get the ones that will be most helpful to where you are with your marketing plan
  • get the right depth of information – are you looking for a cursory overview of a particular topic to help you understand if you need to incorporate something (think: Pinterest) or are you looking for the in-depth tutorial
  • getting the right urgency of information – an explanation of a promotional strategy can be a theoretical discussion of someday or a specific outline of pulling trigger today
  • asking questions with anonymity – sometimes you want to find some information without broadcasting that you don’t already have the answer (not fun, but it happens)
  • when you don’t know what to ask – what should you do when you aren’t even sure what questions you should be asking

When a production is over we often can point to the reasons people didn’t show up – and where they decided to take their entertainment dollar instead. I also share some advice about getting that information before you start marketing your show so you can do something about it.

Items mentioned:

  • The Open Book Project – a project where you look over my shoulder as I promote a theatre production in real time

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