SOR 040: Promoting a Well-Known Show

We generally assume that picking a well-known show makes your marketing job easier - that's usually true, but it can be a double-edged sword.

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Producing a well-established show can make your job as a marketer easier, but it’s not guaranteed. You’re automatically alienating a contingent who believes they’ve already seen everything anyone could do with this show – a group who make up some of the most frequent theatre goers in your community. Some of them are also the linchpins for your local word-of-mouth.

In this episode:

  • make the show unique – their are clever ways to keep the script intact, but present the material in a way that no one has seen before
  • create scarcity with execution – you can put on a traditional production that draws a crowd if you can offer the best execution of this show anyone’s seen in awhile
  • find the virgins – even classic shows will have a group of people who haven’t seen them, and the show is still new to them
  • embrace nostalgia – emphasize that you are going to help audiences connect with the time they first got exposed to this material

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