SOR 041: Kayla Hulen

Kayla Hulen (@kayla_hulen)

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In this episode I pick the brain of Kayla Hulen, the social media general behind the sold out run of Footlite Musical’s Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Not content with the already sizable time commitment of stage managing, she jumped in and started engaging in the online conversations about the production. (She’s a professional marketer by day.)

In this episode:

  • what theatre can learn from “business” marketing – the right technology allows you to engage with people and quickly build a community
  • how to reach beyond the local theatre community – it’s a mixture of luck and connecting with people where they are
  • which networks should you frequent – it’s not just about the number of “followers” you get, it’s about how many people you can engage with
  • social media tools to monitor and engage – Kayla shares the tools she uses (and they have free versions)

Items mentioned:

  • Mention – an online service that allows you to easily monitor the online conversations about a particular topic
  • Buffer – a great tool for scheduling social media updates in advance
  • SOR 011: Zach Rosing – previous podcast episode with the multimedia artisan (and producer of Hedwig)

If you want to connect with Kayla, you can connect with her as ms_riddle on Instagram, and she’s @kayla_hulen on Twitter.

hedwig-covercredit: Zach Rosing

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