SOR 64: Excerpts From the Big List of Theatre Marketing Tactics

Find the inspiration for how you're going to promote your next show with these specific marketing tactics.

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If you’re new to Sold Out Run, I make a marketing calendar available to download for free on the website. It’s a spreadsheet that lets you plan out when all the marketing activity for a show needs to be done. You can see how all the pieces fit together in one place, and make sure that you aren’t forgetting anything.

The next step is to customize that calendar. Some of the basic tactics shown there won’t apply, and there’s other tactics you’ll want to add.

I created a big list with over 70 marketing tactics you can use to promote a show. There are ideas in there about how you can use video, inexpensive offline advertising, ways to collaborate with other local theatres. There are ways you can leverage things like Kickstarter, Google Hangouts, and Meetup to promote your show. There’s a lot of stuff in there, and it’s going to help you brainstorm what fresh, new marketing ideas your going to bring to your next production.

So in this episode I want to pull out just a couple of the items on the list and elaborate on how that item on the list would translate into an actual marketing tactic that you use.

In this episode:

Here are a few specific tactics I talk about in more detail in this episode:

  • strap a GoPro camera to an actor during rehearsal for an intricate dance, fight, or flying scene and share on social media
  • specialty printers online will create professional style trading cards for little league baseball teams – use these services to instead print trading cards of your cast
  • create a ticket package with another theatre or arts organization where someone can buy tickets to an event at both places at a discount
  • give people a free drink when they tweet a picture of themselves from the lobby during the show

Items mentioned:

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