SOR 46: Georgeanna Smith of NoExit Performance on Capturing the Interest of the Local Press and Building Relationships Within the Arts Community

Georgeanna Smith (@NoExitPer4mance)

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NoExit Performance is an Indianapolis-base theatre company that has been mentioned by several previous guests of the podcast. The company has experienced some remarkable growth in recent years, largely because they have been so successful communicating their voice to the community. Local arts writers consistently look to NoExit to see what they are doing.

Georgeanna Smith, the company’s artistic director, lets me pick her brain to try to figure out how all that has happened.

In this episode:

  • organizational hierarchy – what works for artistic creation and what works for business development
  • site specific productions – doing shows in non-traditional spaces provides both an artistic constraint and a hook for people to write about your production
  • your company brand – weaving a common thread through all of your productions gives you a personality for audiences to connect with
  • having a niche lets you collaborate – if you have a unique voice as a company, you can collaborate with other organizations without stepping on any toes
  • baseline marketing tactics – great design and partnering with local organizations have a huge impact
  • customizing your marketing for each show – look at what type of audiences are active in different channels and which shows will appeal to them
  • different social channels – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. each get a custom approach that best utilizes the strengths of that channel
  • social media philosophy – Georgeanna graciously let me put words into her mouth: use social media as though your theatre was an individual rather than an organization

Items mentioned:

  • NoExit Performance – an Indianapolis theatre company that has been putting on a clinic over the past few years at making a splash in the arts scene
  • Bohlsen Group – a high caliber PR and marketing agency based out of Indianapolis with (among other things) an events and entertainment division
  • NoExit’s social channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

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Thanks to Georgeanna for sharing her insights, and thanks to you guys for listening.

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