SOR 63: Kelly Gualdoni Talks About What Theatres Can Learn About Marketing From the Corporate Marketing World

Kelly Gualdoni

Who is she?
a professional marketer who leverages her experience in a corporate marketing environment to help theatres promote themselves

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Kelly and I come from the same school of thought in marketing: tell a story. And that’s not the only lesson she brings from her corporate marketing experience into the world of promoting theatre.

In this episode:

  • what theatres could be learning from “corporate” marketing – it involves knowing who you’re audience is and how to reach them
  • how to define success on Facebook – anyone can be active on Facebook, but how do you know if the time your spending is getting you anywhere?
  • even your target audience needs to see your message more than once – conventional marketing wisdom says you need to get your marketing message in front of people multiple times when they know nothing about your show, but how many times do you need to remind someone who is interested – but hasn’t taken action
  • how do you figure out the story of your marketing – the content and tone of the show needs to be conveyed in all of the marketing
  • what marketing work is Kelly’s most proud of – this is worth talking about because marketing pieces that you’re proud of will often be some of the most effective
  • the worst time to cut the marketing budget – I’m not sure there’s a best time, but there’s definitely a worst
  • common mistake that Kelly see’s theatres make – some (not all, but some) theatres are over-reliant on print media – which can be effective, but doesn’t reach everywhere you need it to

Items mentioned:

  • The Voice Realm – the online “dating” service for voice talent where I found Anne, who voices the intro and outro for the podcast
  • Catch 22 – the Wikipedia entry for Kelly’s favorite book from the rapid fire section – I have to admit after scanning this entry, I’m curious

Want to connect with Kelly?

If you’re interested in contacting Kelly about marketing your next show, you can reach her at klgualdoni [at] gmail [dot] com.

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