SOR 62: How To Promote Subscriptions and Keep Current Subscribers

There are a dozen reasons we love to have season subscribers, but how do we promote subscriptions since in marketing it's not about what we want?

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Season subscriptions are great for you, but are they great for your audience? The key to gaining and keeping subscribers is to make sure you provide them with something they feel is well worth their financial investment. Notice I didn’t say you need to provide them with something you feel is worth their financial investment.

In this episode:

  • are traditional subscriptions dead – yes, but who says you have to be traditional? Here are some alternate subscription offerings to consider
  • finding out what your audience values – you know what I’m going to say here, right? Ask them. Here’s how.
  • who are your potential subscribers – there’s a single characteristic that all of your potential subscribers have in common, and there’s no point trying to promote subscriptions to anyone who doesn’t have it
  • reaching out to your future subscribers – there are both direct and indirect ways you can engage with your audience and potentially transition them from a casual visitor to a subscriber

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  1. I am at a stumbling block when it comes to setting up my email list. My business is actually 2 parts, the business marketing side for urban arts entrepreneurs and then my attendees for my personal events. In other words how do I build an email list helping people with marketing their shows and also a list for people who attend those shows? I am starting a business that assists urban playwrights or arts based entrepreneurs with creative marketing strategies but I also produce my own shows. How can I combine but separate the two?

    Latoya on Sat, Aug 8th, 2015 at 1:36am
    • I think the answer is right there in your question. You need two separate lists. Aweber and every other email campaign service allows you to create and manage separate lists within your account. You can set up different autoresponders for each list, and when you do send a broadcast message, you can check which of your lists you want it to go to. But, yes, segmenting those groups so you can send them the relevant emails is a must!

      Clay Mabbitt on Tue, Aug 11th, 2015 at 10:21am

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