SOR 72: Promoting In a Fringe Festival As an Out-Of-Towner

How does an out-of-town show coming into a Fringe festival compete against the local shows who have already been marketing for weeks?

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The Indy Fringe Festival starts up this week. There are a lot of shows that I’ve been hearing about for weeks now, and some of them really have me chomping at the bit to see them.

The kicker here for someone in Tim’s position, though, is: all of the shows I’ve been hearing so much about are local. The IndyFringe is roughly 50% local shows and 50% acts from out of town. (In fact I saw on the Fringe line up that Tim is going to be here, so I know exactly what kind of hurdle he’s facing to promote his show.)

My circle of friends here in Indianapolis have been building word-of-mouth around the shows they are in. All the chatter I’ve been exposed to has been for local shows. How does an out of town act compete with that?

In this episode:

  • first impression in the festival catalog – the three key elements and the mistake that most out-of-town shows seem to make
  • connecting with local shows – don’t wait until you get to town to start engaging with them

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