SOR 71: Shara Ashley Zeiger Shares the Secrets to Selling Out Her Extended Off-Broadway Run

Shara Ashley Zeiger (@SharaAshleyZ)

Who is she?
the artistic director of The Platform Group

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It feels very appropriate to have Shara Ashley Zeiger as my guest on the Sold Out Run podcast because in this episode we talk about her recent… sold out run. In fact it was an extended run that sold out, and she was kind enough to share a little about how the all the various ingredients – including promotion – came together in that production to generate all that success.

If her voice sounds familiar, you might recognize her from her online radio show The Shara Ashley Show or from some her commercial voice over work. In this episode of the podcast I’m talking to her mostly in her capacity as the artistic director of The Platform Group. Their mission is to create work that challenges, inspires and provides a place to stand on.

In this episode:

  • the effect of social silence – when theatre folks are suspiciously quiet about their current project on social media, it can come across as them being ashamed of it
  • using your networks – the key to getting influencers in to see the show is to use close connections
  • spending money on advertising – if you are spending it in the right place, it’s a great idea
  • importance of thanking – when people attend your show at your invitation, you should be showing them a lot of appreciation
  • the backs of postcards – the feature that Shara insisted on having on the back of her show’s promotional postcards

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Thanks to Shara for joining me here, and thanks to you for listening.

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