SOR 68: Thom Britton Talks About Failing To Plan For Success

Thom Britton (@DangerCircus)

Who is he?
fire-eater, side-show veteran, story teller, and entrepreneur Thom Britton shares the gray lining to his silver cloud of success

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Thom Britton reached out to me recently to talk about a problem that is usually overlooked here at Sold Out Run. Almost everything I create here is about growing your audience larger and larger. The assumption is that we always want more people.

There is power in the phrase, “Please come see my show.”

Well, after many years of dedication Thom and his cohorts at Danger Circus have the opposite problem: more people wanting to see the show than they can accommodate. So Thom graciously agreed to come on to talk about what sort of problems they’re dealing with today, and because I just couldn’t let him off the hook: what promotional tactics they’ve been using over the years that got them to this point today.

In this episode:

  • the power of the phrase “please come see my show”
  • audience responsibility – do the people in a small audience of a great show feel more responsibility to spread the word?
  • personal connection – the importance of making a personal connection in your marketing
  • marketing and performing – you know how to be charming as an entertainer, so use it in both areas
  • busking – there’s a right mindset and a wrong mindset when you are busking your show in public

Items mentioned:

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Thanks to Thom for sharing his accumulated wisdom, and thank you for listening!

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