SOR 65: What Show Sponsors Get and How Much Money That’s Worth

What do you offer show sponsors in exchange for their financial investment, and how much is that worth?

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This episode I want to talk about a question that was sent in by a listener. (Thanks, Jaco!) He asks about what to offer… he calls them investors, I use the word sponsors a lot… but these people that give you some money for the purposes of putting on a show. What can you offer in exchange for that money, and how do you figure out how much it’s worth?

In this episode:

I hit on several ideas in this episode for things you can offer a sponsor in exchange for their financial investment in the show. I even include a few specific scripts of things you can say to a potential sponsor and how you can integrate them into your marketing tactics.

  • across any method for giving exposure for a party, you need to maintain the artistic integrity of the show
  • you can use product placement when it doesn’t detract from the story, or ideally helps you tell the story
  • package your sponsorship opportunities – it makes your job easier and helps your investing business get exposure across a diverse spread of channels
  • if you have sponsors for specific marketing tactics, then they are getting exposure to everyone who sees that marketing tactic – even the ones who don’t come to the show
  • make sure you keep creative control
  • when setting a price for your sponsorship opportunities, focus on the exposure that a sponsor is getting (as opposed to the number of tickets you’ll be selling)

Items mentioned:

  • The Big List of Theatre Marketing Tactics – this is the blog post with 70+ marketing tactics you can use
  • Buyology – a book that includes (among other things) some discussion of how traditional advertising can hurt your brand (Amazon affiliate link)

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Thanks to Jaco for the question, and thanks to you for listening!

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